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Sustainability Report
2022 - 2023
Sustainability Report

Creating Sustainable Futures

This sustainability report contains forward-looking statements and projections about the future initiatives and anticipated impact of Rogers Hospitality.

Thierry Montocchio
CEO's Message

Dear Partners,

As we present the Rogers Hospitality sustainability report for 2022-23, I am reminded of the vital role that sustainability plays in our business ethos and strategy. This year, our organization has not only achieved record profits but has also made significant strides in integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations. Our financial success this year is indeed a direct result of our sustainable business practices.

We have taken several initiatives to embed sustainability in our culture and operations. Our Green-Certification project has set new standards for environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry. This initiative aligns with the government’s vision outlined in the Budget Speech 2023-24, and demonstrates our commitment to leading the industry in sustainable practices.

Our partnership with NGOs and social enterprises this year has been particularly fruitful. These collaborations have enabled us to amplify our impact on the community and environment while gaining valuable insights into sustainable practices. We have engaged in projects ranging from local biodiversity conservation to community development programs, ensuring that our sustainability efforts have both breadth and depth.

We also recognize that our employees are our most significant asset in this journey. The People Experience program, launched this year, focuses on employee well-being and development, with a special emphasis on sustainability, ensuring that our team members are not only skilled in their respective roles but also champions for the environment.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. The awards and recognitions we have received this year from both local and international bodies are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. They serve as a benchmark for our progress and a motivation to continue our efforts.

As we move forward, we are more determined than ever to tackle the challenges that come our way. Our focus will be on continuing to innovate in sustainable practices, deepening our partnerships, and enhancing our operational efficiency. In conclusion, I invite you, our valued partners, to join us in our commitment to a sustainable future. It is a journey that requires collective effort, innovation, and persistence. Together, we can ensure that Rogers Hospitality not only remains a leader in the hospitality industry, but also sets new sustainability standards. Yours sincerely,

Thierry Montocchio
One Pledge, One Promise

At the heart of our strategy lies the understanding that sustainability is a fundamental responsibility that shapes every aspect of our operations. Our goal is to pioneer sustainable practices in the hospitality and tourism sector in Mauritius, setting new standards and inspiring others to follow suit. From protecting biodiversity to empowering local communities, our promise is to work tirelessly towards building a future where people thrive in harmony with nature. Now, For Tomorrow.

Our Now for Tomorrow pledge embodies our responsibility and commitment to creating a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous society for all. It serves as the guiding framework for our sustainability initiatives across all our clusters. As a program, it guides us in the way we operate and design the measures we implement now to create a better tomorrow.

This pledge was developed through a two-year collaborative ideation process carried out before the Covid-19 pandemic. It evolved considering our ambitions and responsibility to be a corporate citizen and drive positive change through our actions. This is how Now for Tomorrow emerged and was launched in October 2021. It now illustrates how we transform our commitments into concrete initiatives that permeate all our subsidiaries, at all levels.

"From protecting biodiversity to empowering local communities...
Our5 Pillars Strategy

The “Now for tomorrow” pledge relies on five strategic impact zones to ensure focus and keep the momentum in all our actions.

Key Achievement
We are committed to delivering top-tier services that preserve and restore ecosystems, enrich local communities and elevate overall guest experience. In FY 2022-23, our efforts were focused on achieving six targets. The table below gives a status update on the progress made as at June 2023.
Our 3-year Strategic Plan
The group is committed to sustainable value creation and playing an active role in giving back to the planet and community. We aim to position ourselves as a trendsetter, contributing to a forward-looking hospitality industry, hence generating a positive impact for the company, the society at large, and our ecosystems.
OurCarbon footprint
At Rogers Hospitality, we acknowledge the importance of conducting a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment as a key component of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact over the long term. In FY 22-23, the company carried out an annual carbon footprint study for all its business units and clusters. As a result, the total carbon footprint of the group is 204,950 tCO2e (41030 tCO2e excluding client air travel and visitors travel).
Key Steps
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Message from our Head of Sustainability
Sustainability is a dynamic and nonlinear process.
While we are satisfied with our achievements for the year under review, we remain clear-headed as we know that much is yet to be done. FY 22-23 has enabled us to make progress in various aspects, one of them being the improvement in data maturity, thereby increasing the effectiveness of our monitoring process.
Alexandre Piat
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