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Closing the loop the circular revolution
Transforming Waste into Opportunity
Circular Economy
Closing the loop the circular revolution

Circular economy is a transformative approach that revolutionizes how we produce, consume, and manage resources. At Rogers Hospitality, we envision a future where waste is transformed into valuable resources and where the linear "take-make-dispose" model is replaced by a circular system of perpetual reuse, recycling, and regeneration. Through our unwavering commitment to the circular economy, we are redefining the boundaries of sustainability and paving the way for a thriving and resilient planet.

Together, let us build a world where waste becomes a thing of the past, where resources are endlessly cycled, and where the possibilities for a sustainable future are boundless.

Circular Economy
  • 01
    Enhancing Resource Efficiency and Promoting Responsible Consumption
  • 02
    Conducting Comprehensive Waste Audits and Implementing Recycling Programs
  • 03
    Fostering Employee Awareness and Collaboration for Circular Solutions
Our Commitmentin figures
  • 63%
    Waste Diverted from the Mare Chicose Landfill
  • 66%
    Locally and Regionally Sourced Products
  • 75%
    of Our Main Suppliers Comply with Our Responsible Procurement Policy and Guidelines
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