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Embracing Energy Transition
Driving Change Towards a Low Carbon Economy
Energy Transition
Energy Transition
Embracing Energy Transition

At Rogers Hospitality, we are committed to leading the way in energy transition.

This transformative process involves shifting our operations from non-renewable energy sources to renewable options with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

By embracing energy transition, we are actively working to combat climate change and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Energy Transition
  • 01
    Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Promoting Responsible Consumption
  • 02
    Continuous tracking, monitoring and analysis of our consumption trends
  • 03
    Fostering Employee Awareness and Promoting Energy Reduction Initiatives
Our Commitmentin figures
  • Total Carbon Footprint of
    TonCO2e (FY2021 – 22)
  • Implementation of
    Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems (FY2021 – 22)
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