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Towards A Responsible Hospitality

Building a thriving environment and vibrant community for the future

Welcome to a world where sustainability and community thrive hand in hand. At Rogers Hospitality, we are committed to shaping a brighter future by embracing innovative practices and fostering vibrant communities. Our mission goes beyond mere environmental responsibility; it encompasses our dedication to creating a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous society for all. Together, we are driving change and making a positive impact that resonates far beyond our own operations.

One Pledge. One Promise.

With our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and responsible stewardship, we are dedicated to leaving a positive footprint on our planet. From protecting biodiversity to empowering local communities, our promise is to work tirelessly towards building a future where harmony between people and nature is the norm. Now, For Tomorrow.

Our5 Impact Zones
  • Goals
  • Strategy/
  • Impacts
  • Progress
    & Actions
  • SDGs
  • Promote education, conservation and regeneration of terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
  • Involvement of guest in regeneration initiatives through engagement with experts (e.g. tree planting, nursery visits, engage with biologist, bird watching, tree hunt)

Supporting goals

  • A Marine Educational Centre to showcase the marine life in Bel Ombre, to provide educational experience for guests, for a deeper understanding of marine conservation.
  • Coral Reef Restoration programme in Bel Ombre to regenerate this marine ecosystem and its associated species
  • Develop flora restoration activities in certified Man and Biosphere Reserve
  • We commit to protect and preserve the biodiversity and its ecosystems with local experts.
  • In parallel, we aim to offer guests interactive experiences to discover and actively participate in the preservation and regeneration of the local territory.
  • Enrichment of biodiversity
  • Expansion of natural areas - Increased carbon absorption capacity through terrestrial and marine sinks
  • Ecosystem vitality and health - Increased resilience of natural habitats with flourishing biodiversity
  • Pollution reduction
  • Increased scientific knowledge on local biodiversity
  • Artificial reefs installed in 2017
  • Consensus to stop motorised activities between Heritage Resorts and neighbouring hotels in 2018
  • Implementation of pedagogical facility in the form of a Yellow submarine in 2019
  • Coral squad programme , together with National Geographic, ran with local communities in 2022
  • Surveys carried out to confirm the feasibility of coral restoration in April 2022
Vibrant Communities
  • Goals
  • Strategy/
  • Impacts
  • Progress
    & Actions
  • SDGs
  • To support the development of vibrant and sustainable communities that are resilient to social and economic challenges.
  • Initiate new regeneration and enhancement projects around rare and/or high quality sites
  • To promote community engagement and collaboration to address local needs and opportunities.
  • Building partnerships with local organizations and stakeholders to address community needs and opportunities.
  • Preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.
  • Better quality of life for inhabitants
  • A local community involved in the regeneration of its resources
  • Better integration and social equity for local communities
  • We support local culture through promotion of local music and crafts in our hotels
  • Restoration of Château de Bel Ombre
  • Kouler Moris: community project at Tamarin

Inclusive Development
  • Goals
  • Strategy/
  • Impacts
  • Progress
    & Actions
  • SDGs
  • We strive to cultivate a workplace environment that emphasizes inclusivity, fairness, and respect for diversity.
  • We aim to create an engaging work environment that promotes personal growth, career progression, overall wellbeing, and a harmonious work-life balance for all team members.
  • We commit to facilitating career enhancement opportunities including training, mentorship, and constructive feedback.
  • We support a balanced work-life dynamic by offering flexible work schedules and comprehensive benefits.
  • We are actively working on poverty reduction programs through partnerships with non-profit organizations.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and work experience.
  • Boosted employee attraction and retention rate.
  • Improved quality of life for local residents.
  • Fostered pride and a sense of belonging within local communities and stakeholders.
  • We are dedicated to providing training and development opportunities for all team members while promoting flexible work schedules.
  • We are diligently monitoring our employee engagement and retention rates, with a steadfast commitment to continuous progress.
  • We have established a robust partnership with Foodwise, a non-profit organization focused on combating food waste and food insecurity.
Circular Economy
  • Goals
  • Strategy/
  • Impacts
  • Progress
    & Actions
  • SDGs
  • Target towards 80% of diversion in 2026
  • Elimination of problematic and unnecessary plastics through collaboration with suppliers-
  • Global Tourism Plastic Initiative signatory- following actionable commitments by 2025
  • Continuous improvement of our waste management processes.
  • Strengthening monitoring, measurement of waste through reuse, recycling, compositing and transformation.
  • Engage suppliers and establish continuous improvement programmes on the environmental & social impacts of the supply chain
  • Pollution Reduction
  • A sustainable and reliable industrial sector/value chain
  • 75% of our main suppliers have acknowledged and comply with our Responsible Procurement Policy and Guidelines.
  • Waste management programme implemented across 100% of hospitality businesses. 65% of total waste is diverted from landfills
  • We are tracking our progress against these targets.
  • We are collaborating with partners and stakeholders to promote circular economy principles and drive innovation.
Energy Transition
  • Goals
  • Strategy/
  • Impacts
  • Progress
    & Actions
  • SDGs
Main Goals
  • Decrease carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and be net zero by 2050
  • Reduce energy consumption by identifying alternative solutions with low impact
  • Increase energy autonomy around renewable energies
  • 75% renewable energy mix for Heritage Resorts hotels
  • Investing in renewable energy solutions such as solar and biomass
  • Enhancing energy efficiency of equipment and buildings
  • Pollution Reduction
  • Ecosystem vitality and health
  • Address climate change issues
  • Increased energy independence and resilience
  • We are exploring the potential for on-site renewable energy production to increase our energy autonomy.
  • 100% of our team members have been trained on energy efficiency.
  • We calculate and monitor our carbon footprint (scope 1, 2, 3).
Our Impactin figures
Waste Management

Over 66% of all waste generated by our operations has been recycled, composted, upcycled, or reused, significantly reducing landfill contributions and promoting a circular economy.

*as at May 2023

Sustainable Food System

We are proud to source 62% of our vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry and meat exclusively from the Mauritian market, supporting local farmers and producers while promoting a sustainable and resilient food system.

*as at June 2022

Redistribution of Food Surplus

Through our food surplus redistribution efforts, we have successfully distributed 18,677 meals to those in need, making a positive impact on food security and reducing food waste.

*as at December 2022

Our Commitmentsin action
  • Training Academy
    Our dedicated Training Academy has provided training and skill development opportunities to 1,500 team members, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to drive sustainable practices forward.
  • United towards Responsible Hospitality
    We are proud to be part of a network of 17 hospitality brands united in our commitment to responsible practices, collaborating and sharing insights to create a more sustainable future for the industry.
  • Biodiversity Protection
    Collaborating with National organizations (National Parks Conservation Service), local Non-Governmental organization (Reef Conservation) and UNESCO, we actively contribute to the protection of our diverse wildlife, ensuring the preservation of endangered species and their habitats.
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Awards & Certifications

We are honoured to have received recognition for our sustainability efforts. These awards and certifications validate our commitment to responsible practices and inspire us to continue our journey towards a sustainable future.

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