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Embracing Energy Transition
Driving Change Towards a Low Carbon Economy
Energy Transition
Embracing Energy Transition

At Rogers Hospitality, we are committed to leading the way in energy transition.

This transformative process involves shifting our operations from non-renewable energy sources to renewable options with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

By embracing energy transition, we are actively working to combat climate change and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Energy Transition
Driving Changes
  • 01
    Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Promoting Responsible Consumption
  • 02
    Conducting Comprehensive Energy Audits and Efficiency Studies
  • 03
    Fostering Employee Awareness and Empowering Energy Reduction Initiatives
Our Commitment in figures
  • Total Carbon Footprint of
    tCO2e excluding guest travel (FY2022/2023)
  • Implementation of
    Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems
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