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Circular Economy
Used, Reused, Recycled…Repeat!
Used, Reused, Recycled…Repeat!

In the hospitality sector, as in many other areas of activity, actions have been put in place to reduce the ecological impact. Change is happening in every aspect of operation, from the most obvious to the most discreet. And the bathroom in your hotel room is no exception!

Gone are the small containers of in-room products, which once used are thrown away and replaced. Now comes the era of containers that are refilled, cleaned and used again. At the end of their life, the bottles are recycled locally, ready to start a new life in a new form. It’s always nice to enjoy products with wonderful smell, and even better when these products are environmentally friendly. A cycle that allows for reuse, which helps to reduce waste.

This approach is taken a step further, with toiletries made from biodegradable bamboo and components made from cornstarch and bioplastics, so that the products used, such as razor sets, combs, make-up removal pads and shower caps, are in line with the commitments made. The materials have been carefully selected for their durability and eco-friendly aspects. The reign of plastic is coming to an end! A gradual adaptation and change of practices is essential in order to adapt and offer quality products, while remaining sustainable.

Choosing environmentally friendly products is a long-term commitment. It is an action that has a real impact and is becoming the new norm in the hospitality industry. Adaptation and innovation are and will remain at the heart of new approaches in the future!

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