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Rogers Hospitality adopts eco-friendly initiatives
Rogers Hospitality adopts eco-friendly initiatives

Sustainable development has always been the focus of Rogers Hospitality. The hotel, restaurant and leisure subsidiary of Rogers Ltd aims to work in a manner is resilient, self-sufficient and in harmony with the environment in which each of the group’s hotel entities operates. Plastic pollution is a major issue affecting our marine ecosystem, our land and our food chain and the environmentally conscious group is committed to eliminating all client facing single-use plastic in its hotel operations and replacing it with environmentally responsible alternatives. The primary goal is to eliminate single-use plastic assets for guests in our mauritius hotels, restaurants and leisure centres by the end of 2022. To date, 60% of these assets have already been replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Rogers Hospitality is committed to creating initiatives that are interesting in our operations and that guests enjoy recognising and participating in. For example, our hotel bath products are made from natural ingredients and the reusable containers are made from recycled plastic, ensuring that over 509,000 single-use plastic containers are not discarded every year. In parallel, the skincare products are made from 96% natural ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Promoting local communities is another of the group’s main concerns, as it wants to give priority to small local producers in its supplies, by carefully choosing its suppliers according to specific criteria. They must offer eco-responsible products but also act sustainably in their activities. This choice of supplier also helps to reduce the group’s carbon footprint.

Finally, Rogers Hospitality is committed to supporting local artists and artisans in its hotels, enhancing the guest experience while providing authentic hospitality.

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