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Literacy Program
Literacy Program

Going to the bank, grocery shopping, taking the bus, helping children with their schoolwork. These are routine tasks for the majority, but that are still not for so many people across Mauritius.


Even today, a large number of Mauritians have not had the opportunity to learn how to write or read during their childhood. This results in significant difficulties in their everyday lives, even though this should no longer be a fatality!


That's the mission Martine Agathe has set for herself through the creation of an ambitious program of adult literacy classes– a project that began to come together in 2019, when she realised that there were still too many people who were insufficiently literate across the various sectors of activity.


After training herself to become an educator and being aware of the exponential demand and the scale of the task, the idea of developing a literacy program was born. She even pushed the concept further, by addressing a fundamental question: why not train people who are capable of offering such training and who can in turn themselves become educators?


Today, with the support of Rogers Hospitality, some fifteen volunteer employees are participating in the program to develop the skills necessary to educate those in need. Through a 60-hour course, these volunteers will be able to take charge of a group in order to teach them the basics of writing and reading. The three pillars of this first phase are: knowing how to speak, knowing how to write and knowing how to read.


And this is only the beginning of this project, which aims to reintegrate people in need into the society, by providing them with the necessary tools for equal opportunities and consequently participate in an inclusive development.

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