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Inclusive Development
La Boutique Solidaire
La Boutique Solidaire

Heritage Resorts & Golf, part of Rogers Hospitality, has launched a meaningful sustainability initiative upholding the brand’s commitment to conscious community impact - La Boutique Solidaire. This accessible pop-up shop serves both environmental and human needs through repurposed goods.


The first edition took place in December 2023 at La Place du Moulin and benefited 34 Heritage Resorts & Golf team members and 20 children from the NGO Southern Handicapped Association School. The shop allows each team member to purchase affordable repurposed products such as clothing, toys and more.


Empowerment Through Support

"To me, sustainability means taking responsibility today to leave the world a better place for tomorrow," said Chloé Joseph, Heritage Resorts & Golf' Sustainability Officer, who founded La Boutique Solidaire. "This shop allows our team to lead by example and demonstrate how reusing and uplifting can go hand in hand."


The shop has already made a difference to team members like Sonia, who bought a barely used Minnie Mouse teddy bear donated by another member. "My daughter lit up when she got this toy," she said.


Looking Ahead

Chloé envisions La Boutique Solidaire developing into a travelling shop, based in a refurbished container. "The goal is to expand this across resort clusters, with the ability to repair and refurbish items on site during visits," she explained.


Key success metrics will focus on the number of direct beneficiaries, expected to vary each quarter based on the pop-up shop's timing. Chloé has also set a Rs 30,000 monthly revenue target to cover operational costs of paying project contributors and help fund the Southern Handicapped Association School, their non-profit partner.



Driving Inclusive Development

Rogers Hospitality recognises its broader responsibility and commitment to be a powerful force for inclusive development initiatives in the communities in which it operates.


As Alexandre Piat, Rogers Hospitality's Head of Sustainability explains, "In this past year alone, we have collaborated with six dedicated NGO partners on targeted upliftment programs for those most in need. La Boutique Solidaire at Heritage Resorts builds upon our 2022-2023 ambition to form such strategic community alliances maximizing our resources."


By engaging readers to donate quality items or voice suggestions, the shop represents one inventive way brands can support their teams while nurturing meaningful local partnerships - creating sustainable ripple effects that change lives.


Get Involved

Readers are encouraged to actively participate by donating quality unused items and sharing innovative ideas to enrich the “La Boutique Solidaire” experience. Your contributions can directly help uplift more families and children in need.


The store is just one avenue Heritage Resorts & Golf is exploring to build a progressive culture focused on inclusivity, sustainability and collective care for teammates and communities. Initiatives like this, making it easier to support each other, can change lives when coming together.

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