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How Mauritius is leading sustainable tourism in the Indian Ocean
How Mauritius is leading sustainable tourism in the Indian Ocean

The United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 8
In an era of economic recovery following the global impact of COVID, the race to economic progress is nonetheless not going to be at the expense of sustainability. In fact, The United Nations(“UN”) has aligned the economic recovery journey with its Sustainable Development Goal(“SDG”) number 8, holding the aim of promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. A key element to achieving SDG 8 lies in the success of sustainable tourism. With tourism holding a large share of GDP for numerous countries, reaching a level of sustainability within the industry holds the key to achieving sustainable development which is conducive to the population, cultural landscape, economic stability and the environment.

UN 8 - Decent Work Economic Growth

Mauritius – A successful Small Island Developing State in the Indian Ocean

With efforts in sustainable tourism being geared towards Small Islands Developing States(“SIDs”) that are the primary recipients of global tourist economic income, the small island of Mauritius is a poignant example of economic success through global tourism. It remains a fact that the global tourism sector faced a heavy stall in the face of travel restrictions due the global pandemic of COVID 19. Nonetheless, the small island of Mauritius persevered through the uphill struggle and as of March 2022, as the world is steadily getting back on its feet, the country registered an astounding MUR 4640 million in income from tourism. With tourism accounting for an important fraction of the Mauritian GDP, the fact that the island of Mauritius was able to bounce back after a staggeringly difficult period and achieve pre pandemic level of tourist economic revenue generation is nothing short of an impressive feat.

However, a jurisdiction relying heavily on tourism should take into account the negative impacts of tourism alongside its economic benefits. Building an economy around tourism often comes at the expense of the local culture, population and the environment. To counteract those impacts or at the very least mitigate the negative repercussions of tourism, a sustainable model of the tourism industry offers the solution to accommodate the needs of the industry while not placing the local population, culture and environment on the sacrificial altar.

Sustainable Tourism and Development – The Mauritian modus operandi

Sustainable Tourism in Mauritius

According to the World Tourism Organisation (“UNWTO”), the agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism, sustainable tourism is the key to achieving the UN SDGs. The island of Mauritius has been capitalizing on its natural landscape for the promotion of its tourism industry over the last few decades. As the industry progressed, Mauritius also identified the need for a sustainable business model within the industry, for the sake of economic continuation while also accommodating the needs of its local populace.

Not only within the tourism sector, the Mauritian government has set economic objectives that align with a sustainable development model. In the annual Mauritius Budget for years 2022/2023, a series of measures and incentives were announced to promote the notion of sustainable development within the Mauritian population. With the primary aim of achieving a secure and cleaner homegrown energy supply, various measures have been announced with respect to cleaner and greener renewable energy generation as well the objective of a transition towards a carbon neutral industrial sector. Other initiatives to promote sustainable development include the banning of single use plastic bags and a removal of plastic based single use recipients and utensils; disposable plates, cups and cutleries from the market. This level of commitment to global sustainability and the preservation of resources and the environment sets the tone for an environmentally friendly economy for the Indian Ocean region.

The sustainable approach to development adopted by Mauritius is reflected in its tourism industry as well. Taking into account the current growth pattern and previous levels of tourist arrivals in Mauritius, the country forecasted an estimate of 51,000 tourists arriving in 2023 subject to a further increase to 70,000 by 2024. To accommodate the exponential growth in tourist arrivals without having the local culture, population and environment bear the brunt of the industry, a sustainable tourism industry was of utmost importance.

Rogers Hospitality – Our commitment to sustainable tourism

Now For Tomorrow ; An initiative by Rogers Hospitality is the culmination of sustainable objectives within the Mauritius Tourism Sector. At Rogers hospitality, we understand that the burden of change rests on the shoulders of each and everyone of us. It is only through a collection of individual effort that we can achieve our collective sustainable goals. Which is why at our high-end establishments we operate with sustainability of the tourism industry in mind.

The core pillars of our sustainable charter operate in the interest of the people and the environment because we believe that the path taken by the generation of Now is necessary for a positive impact on the generations of Tomorrow. At Rogers we have chosen to work Now For the collective building of an inclusive and sustainable Tomorrow.


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We can work together Now For a better Tomorrow.

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