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Green Key certification
Green Key certification

Throughout the world, and in the hotel industry, the Green Key certification programme is a reference! Managed by the International Foundation for Environmental Education, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, this programme is a guarantee of quality.

And it is with pride that the four Veranda Resorts hotels are now Green Key certified, becoming the only brand of boutique hotels on the island to reach this step. A benchmark for sustainable certification in the hospitality industry.

This certification has required dedication and determination from the teams of all Veranda resorts across the island. Achieving Green Key certification demonstrates the group’s efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and responsible business, in line with Rogers Hospitality’s mandate and its Now for Tomorrow sustainability programme.

Carrying this eco-label demonstrates progress and action in several areas, including the reduction of water and energy consumption, the use of renewable energy and rainwater, waste prevention and sorting, sustainable food and mobility, green maintenance, and the preservation of biodiversity. As such, all hotels under the Veranda Resorts umbrella have undergone an independent audit to prove that they deserve this certification.

Not to mention the importance of an annual audit to ensure compliance with the strict criteria of this eco-label in the areas of environmental management and sustainable education of staff, guests, and suppliers.

Eco-responsible tourism is possible. This is a choice that is increasingly appealing to visitors, who are keen on sustainable tourism and are driven by ecological and social issues. When going on holiday means ecological responsibility and change is everywhere!

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