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Celebrating Earth Day 2024: Our Commitment to a Thriving Planet
Celebrating Earth Day 2024: Our Commitment to a Thriving Planet

On this past Monday, April 22nd, we celebrated the wonders of our beautiful planet on the occasion of Earth Day. This annual event serves as a reminder of the profound importance of our delicate ecosystem, as well as the crucial conservation and preservation efforts we undertake in areas like biodiversity preservation, coral protection, and waste management. With great enthusiasm and determination, various initiatives took place across Rogers Hospitality, as we continued our mission to create a tangible impact and play our part in driving positive change.


At Heritage Resorts & Golf, we were delighted to participate in an Eco-Schools Fair, where a vibrant group of students from Bel Ombre Government School and Keats College seized the opportunity to showcase the remarkable sustainability projects of their Eco-Schools. This engaging event allowed the students to connect with hotels, guests, and team members, fostering insightful conversations about their diverse environmental initiatives and raising awareness on sustainable topics such as ecosystem preservation and plastic use reduction. The event was further enriched by a special lunch organized for the occasion, and in collaboration with Reef Conservation, a booth highlighting the 'Ridge to Reef' project was displayed, underscoring the paramount importance of ocean health. As a symbolic gesture, the participating schools were presented with endemic plants, empowering them to nurture and support local garden creations.

Our leisure units, namely Le Chamarel Restaurant, Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, and Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark alongside the quick-service restaurant team members from Domino’s, Ocean Basket, and Moka’z would enthusiastically participate in the enlightening workshop 'La Fresque du Plastique,' expertly delivered by a knowledgeable resource. This educational and highly interactive session invites participants to delve into the entire life cycle of plastics, shedding light on the opportunities and actions that can be taken regarding this material. A way to engage in thought-provoking discussions and debates, exploring how we can collectively and individually reduce, and ultimately eliminate, plastic usage, while actively seeking sustainable solutions.



At Veranda Resorts, we embraced this special day by inviting five of our cherished repeat guests to participate in a meaningful tree planting session. This symbolic act aimed to cultivate engagement and raise awareness about the significance of Earth Day, fostering a deeper connection with nature. Similarly, the Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark enthusiastically joined in by participating in an endemic tree planting initiative, further solidifying their unwavering commitment to biodiversity preservation in the area.


Our commitment remains steadfastly focused on promoting a circular economy in Mauritius, which stands as a central impact zone across our diverse activities. We are actively redefining boundaries and paving the way for a thriving and resilient planet. We wholeheartedly recognize the urgency to protect our precious ecosystem and take decisive action for change, beginning with our day-to-day operations and extending through various impactful initiatives and projects. As every day should be celebrated as Earth Day, these actions and commitments remain at the forefront of our efforts, driven by a deep sense of responsibility and a genuine desire to contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

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