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A 'Zero-Waste' Approach
A 'Zero-Waste' Approach

The concept of zero waste is gaining momentum, playing a significant role in our daily decision-making. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and even our food choices, this new way of consuming and utilizing everyday products is transforming our actions.

The hospitality industry is also joining the movement, providing training to teams on creating waste-free products. In the pursuit of this goal, two groups of around fifteen people in our hotels and business units, such as Heritage Le Telfair, Le Château de Bel Ombre, or Kaz’alala, had the opportunity to participate in a workshop conducted by Ingrid Gourrege from L'Écolo on Wednesday 26th of April 2023.

The workshop focused on creating soap and surface cleaners using natural ingredients. Participants learned how to make their own household products. Did you know that an air room cleaned with chemical-based products is 5 to 7 times more toxic? However, this doesn't have to be the norm!

It's also worth noting that globally, 1 million plastic bottles are produced every minute, totaling nearly 500 billion annually! By using our teams' products made from natural ingredients, we actively contribute to minimizing the use of single-use containers for these everyday items by reusing them.

This is just the beginning, with an ongoing pilot project, aiming to implement this approach on a larger scale in the years to come. Indeed, the team already started to implement those learnings on a dedicated area as a test before upscaling it. Along with the learning associated with how to both save the planet and have a better usage of natural and more sustainable resources.

In summary, we strive for less waste, while prioritizing health and the environment. Every action we take, no matter how small, has an impact. That's why it's crucial, at every level of consumption, to act, especially through the zero-waste approach—an 'eco-friendly and pollution-free' commitment to reusing natural products and materials.

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