Because we Care

We hold our island's future at heart.


The smallest footprints make the biggest impact.

Future generations matter! It is our responsibility as a key actor of the local and regional economy to do things right!

We have been focusing on energy, water, biodiversity, waste and social inclusion for a decade. We strongly believe we can create a better future together.

“ Go for it now, the future is promised to no one. ”

Wayne Dyer

Our pledge

Responsible business is all about the decisions you take and the choices you make.

One Pledge, One Promise

Through our programme "Now for Tomorrow", we commit to consolidating resilient development, favouring sustainable consumption, protecting Mauritius' biodiversity through mindful development, valorising cultural and historical heritage, and maintaining vibrant communities.


Actions speak louder than words.

We are committed to treading lightly and making a real difference. Hospitality can act differently.Rogers Hospitality’s objective is to deliver premium hospitality services that benefit the environment, add value to our local communities and uplift guest experience.

Going carbon neutral

As from October 2021, ensuring Carbon Neutral Stays of our guests holidaying at Heritage Resorts in Bel Ombre, and proposing offsetting options to guests staying at Veranda Resorts.

Adopting renewable energy

Developing energy efficient initiatives and increasing our share of renewable energy. At Bel Ombre our target is to reach up to 80% of renewable energy by 2025.

Waste management

Enhancing our waste management programme, with a view to divert 75% of our waste going to landfield by 2022, through recycling initiatives.

Towards zero single-use plastic

By the end of 2022, adopting a "zero single use plastics" approach across all our operations.

100% locally sourced products

As from January 2022, sourcing 100% of our fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat, from Mauritian growers, farmers and suppliers, or else favouring goods supported by regional partners in the Indian Ocean.

Into conservation

We will further develop our Conservation Programmes through tangible initiatives around Lagoon & Reefs, Forests, Riverines and Wetlands.

Reputation through certification

By 2024, achieving a sustainability certification/eco-label for all our business units. By December 2021, obtaining a green key certification for Veranda Resorts and a GEO golf certification for all our golf courses.


Our Journal

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